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Fire & Water Restoration

Fire Restoration

Burning House

The aftermath of fire damage at your home or business can leave property owners in a state of confusion and uncertainty to say the least. We are the skilled artisans and experienced professionals to relieve the condition of your home. We provide the competent answers and workmanship to get you back on your feet again.
Our consummate professionalism makes the fire damage you suffered more bearable, firstly, by our prompt and efficient emergency service. We help expedite insurance claims so that you can realize the best possible recovery for your home or business. When the dust and the ash has settled and you are ready to get back in the saddle, we are your best workhorse to speedily get the job done, all the while without compromising the quality of workmanship, craft and the top materials. When you have suffered losses to your property, we bring it back to what it was prior to any freak accidents, if you prefer, or we improve upon what was once there.

As reported by the U.S. Fire Administration, there are some alarming stats nationwide concerning fires in 2008. The United States lost 3,320 of its citizens' lives as a result of fire, and 16,705 were injured because of fire. 118 firefighters lost their lives. More Americans died in fires than all natural disasters that year combined, and 84-percent of the lives lost in fires occurred in residences. There were 1.5 million fires in 2008, with property loss estimated at $15.5 billion. We want to remind our clients to always take proper precautions in fire safety and always check your home or business's fire alarm to see that it is working. If your property has suffered harm from fire, make the move to improve you home with us.

Water Restoration

Burning House

Fire water restoration is one of the first positive thoughts that may come to mind after you and your property suffered a traumatic event. An accident can happen at anytime in your kitchen, throughout your home and at your business. We can help rebuild and even improve upon the structure that was there before the event.
There is a process to accepting what has happened to your property, and it may take a period of a few days or longer to fully accept the steps required for fire water restoration. It can be a very personal and exhausting development in your life, but there is likely a significant portion of your home or business that is damaged and not operational. The longer you leave the damage unrepaired, the more it affects your psyche, potentially compromising the health of you and your family, friends and employees, and very likely posing a risk to the rest of your edifice.

It is important to remember that we are a construction company that pledges personal and professional integrity to each job. For your fire water restoration project we are fully licensed, insured and certified. We also give prompt service for any catastrophic event and we fully comprehend an immediate need for emergency service. Sometimes a building is more than a mere edifice; it is an integral part of your lifestyle and a bonding point for your family. In addition to permanently dependable workmanship done right the first time, we also specialize in dealing with insurance companies to help our clients receive a full recovery of what was tragically lost. The best way to deal with out-of-control events is to remain calm and choose the right contractors. When you choose us you get a better quality of repair and, you can bet, a better night's rest.

Why Choose Us?

The most important general principle that we follow on your home project is quality every step of the way. That means quality workmanship, materials and total professionalism. You will not only breathe a sigh of relief when you've finally realized your vision; we seek to invoke gasps of admiration from our handiwork.

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