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Pensacola Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodel

Pensacola Kitchen Remodeling

Pensacola kitchen remodeling adds more enjoyment and more value to your home than any other investment you can make. We help you realize your dream of bringing elegance and efficiency to the most important room in the house. Especially with a new kitchen, only perfect is good enough for you, and for our craftspeople.

Who says a kitchen can’t be a designer showplace?

A kitchen is a necessity but can be so much more than serviceable. Your family spends a lot of time there eating, cooking, talking and playing. Why shouldn’t it be as beautiful and welcoming as you want? This is your opportunity to dream, and watch it take shape from design to final details.

What’s hot in kitchen remodeling?

An island is the most popular change we see in re-invented kitchen designs. Frequently, it includes a cook top, sink and often the dishwasher. It adds traffic flow, convenience and a meeting point for chat and help during cooking. Your new kitchen becomes the focal point of family time, and not just during meal preparation. Sharing a snack at the island becomes an opportunity to grab quality time in your new, quality surroundings.

New designs in windows make a remarkable change in kitchens. For instance, a classic garden window brings cottage charm and modern functionality, allowing you to grow fresh herbs and flower arrangements right in your dazzling new kitchen.


Saving money by installing energy-efficient appliances, plumbing and windows literally pays you back each month in lower utility bills. Today’s lighting is designed to conserve electricity. You can change a window or add a skylight to further reduce lighting costs.


What will kitchen remodeling cost?

Honesty and integrity are the essence of our free estimate, which can only be determined when we know your vision and bring our experience to bear on determining costs. You will receive a fully-detailed cost proposal, comprehensive reports of our progress, and a monthly or bi-monthly accounting of all expenses. The only surprise you should experience is a kitchen that exceeds your expectations.

How does kitchen remodeling affect the value of my home?

Of course, the primary value is the pleasure and convenience you’ll experience in your new kitchen. And, payback is a factor. An updated kitchen can bring as much as a 70 percent return on investment when you sell your house. A realtor will tell you it makes a home far easier to sell, at asking price.

Usually, the best people for any job are those who genuinely enjoy the work. Full disclosure: we are geeks for this sort of thing. It exercises all of our skills in plumbing, design and electricity, and it is the sort of challenge that we relish, to see what we will come up with for you, based on your wants and specifications.

You will enjoy our design and workmanship. 
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Why Choose Us?

We are fully licensed, certified and insured. Beyond standard certification, however, our word-of-mouth and repeat business from our clients and their friends is built on person-to-person trust and the creativity of our skilled technicians.

You will enjoy our design and workmanship. For a bath remodel and a free estimate anytime
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