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How to reduce germ exposures w/ antimicrobial  tape

Leverage the effectiveness and convenience of SafeHandles™ on door knobs, handles, and other contact-heavy environments.

  • Easy to Apply
  • Long Lasting
  • Effective
  • Non-Toxic and Odorless
  • EPA-Approved
  • Proven to Kill Covid-19
  • Great for Schools, Daycares, Hospitals, Clinics, Cruise Ships , Resorts , Hotels and More!

SafeHandles has been on the market since 2012 and has seen a huge increase in demand from the recent COVID-19 outbreak. To get you facility protected Call Addison Riley LLC to survey your facility .

Doug Hartley, HealthSPORT Arcata, site manager

Our members always come first. With that in mind, we constantly seek out forward-thinking technologies that will make a real difference for them. When we think and act to make our ‘Healthy. Fit. You’ mission real for our members, Safehandles was an easy choice to demonstrate to both our members and our employees that we take their health and well-being seriously. To top it off, Safehandles service plans are all-inclusive, so there was no additional effort required of our staff, so we could focus on what we do best – an exceptional member experience.”

Thank you, Doug. It certainly would be a downside to gym use if going there made you sick. Safehandles™ can help eliminate that potentiality.

Kara Clower, LACO, Business Manager

“We have been working to develop our LACO Cares Program for several years, and when we learned about Safehandles, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show our willingness to adopt a cutting-edge technology that makes a difference in the health and productivity of our staff.  The LACO Cares Program defines how we care for our employee experience from the moment they become employees thru their entire career spent with us. Safehandles aligns perfectly with the objectives of this program and our primary goals as a business, which are fundamentally rooted in our staff being healthy and available to meet our clients’ expectations and deadlines every day.”

Thank you, Kara.  It is estimated that the flu alone accounts for the loss of 100 million workdays every year.  That translates into the loss of 7 billion dollars each year due to lost productivity. Safehandles™ is a great antidote to the transmission of bacteria and viruses, a great way to regain health in the workplace and viability in the marketplace.

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